Mexican robot will take companies to the Moon.

• In 2018 the market value of space robotics was estimated at USD $2.8 billion..
• In 2022 the Jaguar-I robot will expand horizons for commercial purposes on lunar soil.

Mexico City, October 7, 2019.- Dereum Labs, a Mexican company whose purpose is to develop a network of robots that provide information services on the surface of the Moon and Mars, opened its call to invite companies to be part of the first commercial launch to lunar soil.

"This is the first event in which a brand will be able to participate in a project of this magnitude, companies will be able to literally reach the Moon," said Carlos Mariscal, Chief Executive Officer of Dereum Labs.

The executive indicated that, "Jaguar-I is the name of the robot in charge of making this trip, which will have the purpose of collecting lunar surface information and validating the technology we are developing."

Currently the company is in search of brands that want to innovate, break paradigms and cross borders.

Among the benefits they offer is branching the robot's surface, obtaining a moon landing certificate; HD-quality video and photos that will prove the brand has stepped on the moon's surface; they will become creditors of the title and historical recognition for participating in the 1st Commercial Launch to the Moon and they will be able to be present at the launching event of the rocket watching their brand take off into space..

So now you know, if you are one of the companies looking to expand their horizons, you still have time to participate and be part of this first launch.

If you are interested in being part of the first commercial launch, you can contact us through the email For more information visit