Dereum Labs GLEC2022

Talking about space and its current needs makes us think about the existing cooperation capacities in this matter and how far/advanced developed countries are compared to emerging countries. That is why it is extremely important to bring the main actors together in discussions that pursue one specific interest, to promote alliances for space development and share knowledge with the aim of promoting space activities and their benefits.

Thanks to events such as GLEC (Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries) recently held in Quito, Ecuador, government entities and private initiatives come together to discuss the issues that afflict the regions and the possibility of working together both ways, nationally and internationally, in order to promote intellectual development and be participants in the New Space Era.

The GLEC is organized by the IAF (International Astronautical Federation) and offered workshops and master classes ranging from entrepreneurship to existing space legislation. GLEC proposed topics for discussion such as the roles of space agencies and their regional ecosystems, the development of these ecosystems based on international collaboration, the evolution of these ecosystems, the space industry and its benefits, among others, where everything converges to one same direction: the cooperation of the public and private sectors for the development of the region as the main spatial actor.

Dereum Labs participated in different events, supporting the AEM (Mexican Space Agency) at its booth, explaining some of its business models such as «Space Bussines Strategy» and «On Surface Transportation», and also showed the printed prototype in 3D of the Rover Jaguar-1, the main mission of Dereum Labs in the near future, highlighting the future of terrestrial industries and their crucial role in space, as in panels of entrepreneurship, challenges and regional achievements.

In summary, thanks to the GLEC, it was possible to work on very specific points that take into account the current needs of each nation and their respective road maps to space, since each one contributes their experience and their desire for exploration that they have as main beneficiaries their societies.

It is important to report on the decisions and trends that the space industry generates in order to understand even more that space exploration is necessary, and that we must all actively participate to witness that the science fiction is now becoming a reality. That is why we must imagine a future, which is not far away, where there are lunar and Martian colonies, which will have the same needs that we have today on Earth. We must imagine that all the comforts we have on our planet such as the internet, video platforms, entertainment, gyms, food, health, construction, TV, transportation, among others, will be necessary on the Moon and, later, on Mars. We must believe that this future is being planned today in events such as the GLEC, and that the following generations will be members and witnesses of this new present in order to bring the benefits of space exploration to our societies.

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