Today the world is constantly changing and strategic decisions within companies must be made in a more agile and intelligent way, and why not, reducing risks and operating costs to the maximum. In the world of real estate development it is well known that the priority is three things: location, location and location. The power of satellite information such as high resolution imagery on demand in real time, at multiple sites of interest at the same time, is an out of this world advantage for real estate, developers, land trusts, civil engineering firms and even market research agencies.


Requesting geospatial monitoring service over strategic areas to make better decisions when investing in land, tracking construction and land use to prevent risks that can delay, make work more expensive, guarantee projects with sustainable development and make sure that what you see, no one else sees, are just some of the advantages of using space technology in the land business.

You may think that it would be easier and even better to hire drones, however you may not have considered the following aspects; drones must be operated by people, their flight is usually limited to 30 minutes and recharging them takes up to an hour, time that is lost, drones cannot cover several coordinates simultaneously, you could not check a terrain in Baja Sur, Merida and Barcelona at the same time, with satellites yes, in bad weather, drones present many problems to operate and take quality images, unlike satellites that are fully autonomous, highly accurate and the quality of the graphic information is always exceptional. Satellites also offer details on relief, height, land use and objects at less than one meter from the ground with an extraordinary resolution, but the best thing is that they can be programmed to meet the most demanding needs of your project.


At this point you may be starting to look at space technology as something that could be of use to your company or industry on the ground, and not a topic of the distant future as many might think. However, entering an unknown market requires knowing the terrain, knowing who to approach to avoid surprises or bad experiences, for that reason Dereum Labs mission is to be the trusted bridge that brings the benefits of space to businesses on earth, for that reason it designed Space Business Strategy, the easiest and safest way to know the potential of your company in space and access the data, images and information you need to expand your services, accompanied by the advice and experience DL with over 7 years in the space industry developing projects and space robotics technology.

Space offers benefits for all industries on earth and in the medium term many will be part of the new out-of-this-world economy. Morgan Stanley estimates the value of the industry at around US$ 350 billion and by 2040 it is projected to exceed US$ 1 trillion. Do you want to explore the opportunities that this fascinating industry has to help your company grow and enhance your business value proposition with space information and technology, please send us an email to

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