What a great time to be alive! No wonder; it is more and more frequent that we find out about new space missions, either governmental or private; new multimillion-dollar investments in space companies; or discoveries of the universe sent by probes throughout the solar system.

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This great era that we are part of is the first step towards a future in which there will be millions of people living on other planets (or spaceships) and who will have direct contact with the Earth through trade, whether it is in raw materials or minerals, finished products, or infrastructure and services.

This vision of mankind has two characteristics. On the one hand, it is inevitable since the only way to survive as a species is to leave our planet to explore and take advantage of the vast resources of the universe. On the other, it is cooperative, since these efforts cannot be carried out only by space agencies such as NASA or others around the world, that is, government entities; their main objective is to do science, which leaves us with a wide range of needs that must be covered so that we can venture ourselves out of our home (the Earth) permanently.

It is here where the private industry plays a fundamental role. The growing demand for products and services to meet the needs of space explorers translates into business opportunities for companies, one example is the construction sector, which will also be able to build buildings and roads on the Moon or even Mars. Many examples like this exist in practically any economic sector that we can imagine, however, the great challenge is to transform these industries, which today are experts in what they do, so that they can also provide their services in space. In other words, space is a great business opportunity for industries on Earth, it just takes the right guidance.

That is precisely the purpose of Dereum Labs: to provide the correct guidance and tools to turn any industry into a space industry. Using the words “company” and “space” in the same sentence often brings us more questions than answers: Is it really possible to do business in space? Where do I start? Why would a company want to do it? Is it too risky? Can I use the space to improve my business today?

Space Business Strategy - Space Day Dereum Labs

To help answer these questions, last Thursday we held our Space Day, a meeting point for Mexican businessmen and businesswomen, and leaders in the space sector where we presented the first step created by Dereum Labs for this transformation, Space Business Strategy.

SBS (Space Business Strategy) can be defined in many ways, but the most suitable is a tool that helps any company, regardless of its size or business, to understand two things; how to use space technology to solve current business challenges and make it more competitive; and what path to follow to become one of the key players who will do business on Earth and beyond.

Dow Chemicals - Dereum Labs

Thanks to the collaboration with our strategic partner Dow Chemical, industry leaders from different sectors had the opportunity to be the first to learn more about how SBS can expand the possibilities of their business, as well as to exchange opinions with the most important representatives of the industry in the country, such as the Director General of the Mexican Space Agency, Dr. Salvador Landeros Ayala.

Space Day was also the perfect opportunity to share with our guests, through virtual reality experiences, a bit of this near future of humanity in what we call the Interplanetary Economy and how we envision it.

This was the first of many Space Days where we will bring space closer to more and more people to create business opportunities, whether on this planet or on others.

Be part of these immersive experiences and enter the space future.

Space Business Strategy Presentation

Space Business Strategy Presentation

Interactive Timeline

Interactive Timeline - Space Day Dereum Labs
Interactive Timeline

VR Experience

VR Experience - Space Day Dereum Labs
VR Experience – Dereum Labs

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