Artemis is a NASA’s Lunar program, where the main objective is to return to the MOON with U.S. astronauts in the 2024 year (currently, postponed until 2025), who will be a man and the first woman astronaut that will have the privilege of stepping on the South Pole of our natural satellite.

Artemis Plan

The objective of the program is the continuation of the development of the SLS, a rocket called ARTEMIS I, the largest and most powerful ever built, seeking the validation of the human transportation in the spacecraft Orion, for the future design and development of missions to the Moon and later to Mars. In addition, Artemis has as one more objective the construction of a space station or Gateway, which will be orbiting the Moon and will serve as a space port, since that will be the arrival destination of the Orion ships, and it will also be the point of Descent to the lunar surface.

What is the importance of Artemis and private initiative?

Thanks to Artemis, among other space programs, the private sector has the opportunity to get involved in their incursion into space, since many of them will be in charge of the descent modules, landers, rovers, among others, which will be in charge of developing technology and minimize the costs that the lunar flight implies. The success of the Artemis Program depends on NASA and on international business associations and partners, all of which will be vital to the lunar plan with the goal of having a human presence on the lunar surface no later than 2030.

With information from: NASANET

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